Develop your Research Idea

Research Stage: Develop your research idea


  • ideaDevelop and evaluate a research idea
    Find support for developing your project rationale, search the literature and existing technologies, and identify campus research priorities.
  • groupBuild a team
    Connect with experts and professionals on campus or with established partners.
  • heartFind a laboratory, instrument, or facility
    Identify campus facilities and resources that you can utilize in performing your research. Plan for these needs before your project starts so that you are prepared for the lead time required for scheduling and set up.
  • data managementPlan for data collection and management
    Find resources for data management, information technology, and statistics. Plan for these needs while developing your project so that you can build in costs or establish lead times required for set up.
  • search listComply with research policies and practices
    Review policies and procedures related to human subjects, animals, international projects, environmental safety, intellectual property, and conflict of interest.
  • trainingGet training on research compliance
    Find opportunities to receive training on issues related to conducting research and complying with research policies and practices.



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