X-ray Crystallographic Center (XCC)

X-ray Crystallographic Center (XCC)
Chemical Crystallography: provides single crystal structure determination of variety of inorganic, metal-organic, organic and pharmaceutical compounds, minerals and intermetallics, including including absolute structure determination, treatment of mero-and non-merohedral twins, disordered, OD and modulated crystals. Materials Characterization: provides powder X-ray diffraction analysis and characterization of polycrystalline and nano-crystalline materials and thin films, covering phase identification, qualitative and quantitative analysis, amorphous content determination, micro-diffraction and area mapping, samples of any size and shape, crystallite size and micro-strain determination, ab initio indexing and accurate unit cell refinement, crystal structure refinement using the Rietveld method and ab initio structure determination. Advanced Diffraction: provides X-ray diffraction measurements for reflectivity (XRR) from thin films and (coming soon) small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) from nano and macromolecular materials.