Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture

Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture
The Collaboratory has a large visualization space that sets it apart from most labs/resources at the University of Maryland. A large, slightly-curved projection wall (22' x 7 1/2') anchors one end of an intimate, inviting and flexible space that can seat up to 35 comfortably, 40-45 less so. This space has been used for classes, lectures, small conferences, receptions, and as a technology laboratory wherein students/researchers might test drive new equipment or ideas. Project consultation and guidance for an array of research and teaching needs is a strength of personnel within the Collaboratory, with particular expertise in: image manipulation (Photoshop); three-dimensional modelling (principally Sketchup); visual database manipulation (especially Google Earth, but a growing number of approaches for visualizing humanities-centered data sets); teaching tools (exploiting PowerPoint, Prezi, et al. for maximum results)