IACUC Training

IACUC Training
All personnel named on an Animal Study Protocol (ASP), incuding the PI, must complete the initial UMD PI/Animal User training course, as well as a 3-year refresher training. The initial in-person course is an opportunity to interact with the Attending Veterinarian and other DLAR staff, and provides information for enrolling in the Occupational Health program for animal researchers. New ASPs are not approved until all key personnel and the PI have completed this training. Proper animal care and use relies on the PI and all key personnel understanding the federal, local and campus regulations for the use of animals, being aware of campus resources for the support of studies involving animals, and having thorough knowledge of the research plan as described in the ASP. Ensuring that all members of the research team are properly informed helps us maintain the best possible care of the animals used in our research activities, and ensures highest standards of research excellence.