About the IRRoC Partnership

Integrated Research Resources on Campus, or "IRRoC," provides a unified, central access point to connect the University of Maryland (UMD) research community with resources and services across campus. This initiative aligns with the university’s strategic goal of building an infrastructure and academic support system essential to a world-class university, aiming to provide comprehensive resources for the complete research cycle.

The IRRoC website was launched through a partnership between UMD’s Division of Research, Division of Information Technology, and University Libraries to create a new searchable database that integrates university research resources across departments, centers, colleges, divisions, and libraries, making this information easy to find and place in proposals.

Resources on the site help researchers develop their ideas, write proposals, create budgets, manage their research awards, and follow compliance and reporting guidelines. The site offers a “one-stop shop” for identifying campus IT infrastructure, data management services, campus research facilities, and other resources available to researchers, offering templates and sample descriptions to include in proposals and letters.

UMD's culture encourages transformative innovation and cross-campus collaboration. IRRoC is a perfect example of this kind of collaborative effort, providing a holistic and accessible portal to connect researchers to the vast array of resources, technology, facilities, and expertise on the College Park campus.

UMD is the state's flagship university and one of the nation's preeminent public research universities. UMD’s research enterprise secured a record $550 million annually in external research funding in 2015.

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